Farris Timimi, M.D. – My Top 10 Apps

Farris Timimi, M.D., is a Mayo Clinic cardiologist and the medical director for the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. He also is the program director for the Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology Fellowship program and serves as the institutional lead for the One Voice patient-family advisory program.




tChessPro25    t Chess Pro:    Great chess app. While I am not a great chess player at all, I love this app. It is attractive, and allows me to set a rating for the computer opponent up to 2500 (Grandmaster level, truly an embarrassing defeat level), and lets me play both rated and unrated games.


Seattle HF 25    Seattle HF:    Helping a patient to make a shared decision can be difficult when the information is complex. This application helps guide advanced heart failure patients through a variety of scenarios and to see the impact of medication and device therapy decisions on their prognosis in a personalized fashion, and really makes for more meaningful discussions.


MayoPatientPortal 25    
Mayo Patient Portal:
Great application. It allows me to view my personal medical records and lab results, and integrates seamlessly with my calendar, notifying me of upcoming appointments/tests.


RhapsodyPic 25    Rhapsody:    Great music fun—subscription required, but it allows you to listen to music anywhere, with a library of choices much more extensive than I have at home. It offers an offline mode, which is a great feature, letting you listen to music anywhere and regardless of Internet connection.


TripIt 25    TripIt:    I am on the road frequently, and find that TripIt makes travel intuitive and easy. I simply forward my travel confirmation e-mails to plans@tripit.com, and it not only organizes all travel information by trip, it lets me know when schedule changes are in the offing, including departure gate and flight delays.


Abby Sight 25    
Abby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards for Reading Success:
Cute application—brightly colored, with enough mechanical themes that it really holds my kids’ attention. It truly induces less guilt than other kid-friendly applications that seem to lack an educational spin.


Solar 25    Solar:    Great weather application, clean, minimalistic design, yet provides in a glance all the basic weather information that you need to plan your day—and your evening.


Alien Blue 25    Alien Blue:    Great Reddit client—quick to load, clean format, and intuitive browsing—often easier to navigate than the website. For better or worse, Reddit is a staple of my daily digital diet.


HowToCook 25    How to Cook
Unfortunately, despite my love of food, I have no real skills in the kitchen. Fortunately, Mark Bittman has provided an intuitive application with an incredible number of recipes and an easily accessed shopping list. Great fun.


Pocket 25    Pocket:    Save articles and video to view later. When I see an article that catches my eye, I can select the Pocket bookmarklet and it automatically is saved to my iPhone and my iPad, allowing me to read it later on my schedule. Intuitive app design and seamlessly integrated into over 300 applications.


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