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Duleepa Wijayawardhana is better known as “Dups” to most of his friends and has a penchant for writing biographies about himself in the third person, like Caesar in Asterix and Obelix. This has absolutely nothing to do with his dreams of world domination or ruling the skies with an air force of Zeppelins.

Dups is the CEO and Co-Founder of Empire Avenue Inc, centered on the task of recognizing people and allowing them to profit from what they do online from Twittering, to playing games and sharing photos. He’s had the pleasure of working for some of the coolest companies in the world, such as BioWare Corporation, now a label of Electronic Arts and MySQL AB, now a part of Oracle Corporation. He’s most proud of having worked with the coolest, most awesomest people in the world.

Dups is proudly Canadian and is quite happy to list himself as an adopted Newfoundlander where he feels most at home amongst that rocky-islands’s craggy shores. These days though, he divides himself between Edmonton, Alberta (the home of Empire Avenue Inc.), Montreal, Quebec and Kingston, Ontario.

Duleepa Wijayawardhana PIC



Tripit 25    Tripit:    Organizes my travel schedule like nothing else, haven’t missed a flight for at least a year.


Google Maps 25     



I really don’t know what I did before Google Maps. I must have always been lost.


flipboard    Flipboard:    Best news reader. Period. All news/content readers should be like Flipboard.


KiK    Kik:    A Canadian startup messaging app, it’s fun and fast!


Kobo    Kobo:    I like to think I read a lot. Kobo makes me think I do. 😉


EAV Mogul    



I love the Empire Avenue community! Absolutely need to highlight their creativity.


MyEmpire    MyEmpire:    Same as #6, our community rocks from Australia to Canada’s North. 🙂


Notability    Notability:    All my notes belong to Notability. Love the drawing plus typing features keeps getting better.


Skype    Skype:    I live and breathe Skype in a company where we all work remotely.


Camera+    Camera+:    This is what the camera app should be(Apple are you listening?). 😉


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