DJ Spooky – My Top 10 Apps


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NY Art Beat 25    NY ArtBeat:    Great reviews of gallery shows, filterd, sliced and diced. Excellent and up to date on gallery shows, all the time!


The Economist    The Economist:    I know, I know – it’s strictly geek chic on this one. It’s kind of retro to actually read a magazine cover to cover, but for this one, I actually do.


Planetary    Planetary:    This is what your record collection as a data cloud looks like! Fun app to visualize all your songs. I’m a big fan of “post-playlist” aesthetics.


Al Gore Our Choice    Al Gore – Our Choice:    Fun app that doubles as a book. It’s all about cultural capital y’all! The way Gore has set up his vision of climate change is rendered as compellingly beautiful essays and photographs. I tend to check this app a decent amount when I’m travelling (which is alot…). There’s lots of hidden links.


British Library    British Library:    I’m a big fan of historical materials, and the British Library app is INCREDIBLE – insane amounts of books that I am a fan of… say for example, Xenophon’s “The Economist” or Charles Mackay’s “The Madness of Crowds”


Thicket    Thicket:    Classic – it’s an app that applies mathematics to sound in a way that is intuitive and beautiful. Gotta love complexity these days!


Jazz    The History of Jazz:    This is a great app that really explores how multi-media and music history can overlap. It’s like having every record in your collection with all liner notes, video, and multi-media links in one app. Incredible amount of research went into this one!


flipboard    Flipboard:    OK, OK – I’m doing a magazine my self, but it’s fun to see how many different versions of anything out there can be put in the App and magazine context. Great way to read websites, newsfeed, twitter and Facebook.


Dj Spooky App    DJ Spooky:    There’s always a DJ Battle in synchronous listening space. Flip any song into wifi party mode, and yes, everyone around you can DJ with you. More compact than – I am happy…


ThumbJam    ThumbJam:    Loop, layer, splice, dice, cut, sample, mix, rip burn: the verb as sound vocabulary.


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