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Debbie Miller is the Founder of Social Hospitality, a blog which outlines trends related to the hospitality industry and social media. She works for HyperDisk Marketing managing social media accounts, writing website copy and executing SEO strategies for clients. Prior, she was with a destination marketing organization where she maintained the website along with launching and managing their social media presence. Her latest project, Rooms for Cause, provides travelers a charitable way to book their next stay.

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CheckPlease 25    CheckPlease:    I use the CheckPlease app on a regular basis when dining out. It allows you to input the total amount of your restaurant bill and calculate the split check, and/or tip, based on your preferred percentage and number of people.


Facebook 25    Facebook:    The Facebook app is extremely multi-functional – not only can you keep in touch with friends through your news feed and share photos and info from your own experiences, but you can also read friends’ reviews of places you might want to visit.


WI-Fi FInder 25    Wi-Fi Finder:    Locate internet hotspots in your vicinity with this app that allows you to stay connected without racking up roaming charges. It works around the world, and also provides direction to the hot spot of your choice.


HootSuite 25    Hootsuite:    If you’re a social media user, the HootSuite app is excellent. It has a straight-forward layout and makes it easy to manage various social networks, plus respond to and schedule tweets or posts as needed.


Hotel Tonight 25    Hotel
If you’re looking for a last-minute hotel deal, the free Hotel Tonight app may be your best bet. Find discounted hotels in your area available that night.


Instagram 25    Instagram:    Along with Facebook and HootSuite, Instagram has become the app on which I spend the most time. It’s a perfect fit for the visual aspects of travel, too, as it allows users to uniquely position scenic images from their vacations.


Google Maps 25    Google
The Google Maps app is incredibly helpful as it provides straight-forward directions for even the blondest of drivers (like myself). I use this app regularly to get where I’m going, whether in my own town or another one.


Pandora 25    Pandora:    Pandora is my go-to app for listening to music on-the-go because my Pandora stations house a far more entertaining and diverse music selection than my iPod.


WhatsApp 25    WhatsApp:    When traveling internationally, WhatsApp is a lifesaver for keeping in touch with those back home. The messaging system is a great way to share videos and photos of your trip — with no international charges.


Yelp 25    Yelp:    Yelp has proved to be great resource for last-minute dining decisions, with the ability to search by location, price, type, etc. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling and not as familiar with the area.


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