Alexandre Douzet – My Top 10 Apps

Alexandre Douzet is the Chief Executive Officer of The Ladders, the premier online job-matching service for career-driven professionals, where he is responsible for the company strategy, global operations and product development. He co-founded the company in 2003 with Marc Cenedella and Andrew Koch, and grew the member base to over 5 million since inception. Alex is based in the New York headquarters.



Google Maps 25    



Google has done a great job with the new redesign for iOS6. I love the new user interface and the speed of the app.


Twitter 25    Twitter:    It makes it easy for me to curate news.


Yelp 25    Yelp:    I always use it in a new city to discover the best places to eat. It’s easy navigation and I’ve learned over time which types of reviews and reviewers I trust.


Kindle 25    Kindle:    I do not like carrying books around, and it was really convenient for me on trips and during my Ironman training. In fact, I was following my training program on my iPhone with the Kindle app.


Instagram 25    Instagram:    Fun, fast beautiful pictures.


path25    Path:    I am not a heavy user of Path, but I really appreciate the animations and user experience.


Chase 25    



Simply the convenience and speed of paying my bills online. I am down to writing just one check per month.


eBay 25    eBay:    With the app, I have rediscovered the fun and convenience of getting great deals on eBay. I bought a TriBike for my first Ironman race from Specialized on eBay via the app.


Uber 25    Uber:    I love the convenience. I also am impressed by what Hailo is doing right now with taxi drivers, and am likely to switch to that app in a few weeks when it becomes available in New York.


Showtime 25    



I love to catch up on my favorite series: Shameless, House of Lies and Californication.


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