Adrian Grenier – My Top 10 Apps

Adrian is an actor, director and producer; he is a non-fiction, multimedia storyteller best known for his acting role in the Emmy-nominated HBO series, “Entourage”. In 2002, when Adrian embarked on a yearlong search for his father whom he had been estranged from for 18 years, he documented the journey. The result was a feature length film and his directorial debut, “Shot in the Dark”. Adrian is no stranger to dark comedy thrillers. In 2006, he premiered his short film “Euthanasia” at the Tribeca Film Festival. The short centers around two young girls who torture a cat, accidentally on-purpose. Adrian’s second feature length documentary project, “Teenage Paparazzo”, is a film focused on the complex relationship between celebrities and the media. After screening at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Teenage Paparazzo had its broadcast premiere on HBO and has gone on to captivate audiences on dvd and cable outlets throughout the world. Adrian currently has several feature films in development.




Reckless 25    



Well it has my namesake. And I’m proud of being the first to launch a personal app.


Chess 25    

   Chess With


I love chess. I love friends.


reeli 66    Reeli:    It’s about time somebody made an app that allows me to make and edit videos easily on my phone!


Strip Designer 25    



More picture editing power with captions, tweaking and juxtaposing.


Songkick 25    Songkick:    I need to see live music to survive, so this helps me know when bands I like are playing nearby.


Big Words 25    Big
I can send messages across to the other side of the room. I can make a statement to the world.


Yelp 25    Yelp:    It just works. I can find good food everywhere even when I’m nowhere.


AOK 25    Aok:    Infectious good deeds and fun while you do them. Each good deed earns you cause currency that you can redeem for stuff or give for good.


Tripit 25    Tripit:    I travel so much that I need my flights to be organized.


Gibson 25    L&M
All the tools I need for music on the road. Tuner, chord chart etc.


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